Sunday, March 18, 2018

There are many opportunities to network and promote yourself and your business when you become a member of the Women's Network of Rapid City. Read on to learn more about our policies concerning literature, networking opportunities, spotlight winners and door prizes. Even guests have the chance to win in our monthly 50/50 drawing! Still have questions? Contact a board member!


Literature: Please feel free to place literature on the dining tables that are 4.25 x 5.5 inches or smaller. Larger pieces can be placed on the literature table at the back of the room. You are responsible for picking up remaining literature at the end of the meeting. Thank you!

Literature Tables: Members may put out flyers for their business or event and free samples on the table in the back. However, they may not display products for sale.


Privilege: Formal networking is a member-only privilege. Guests are eligible to network only if they have submitted their membership application and payment to a board member prior to networking.

Time Limit: Please keep your networking to 30 seconds so everyone may have a chance. If you choose to network for a friend or a community event, you still only have 30 seconds for this information and to network your business. Choose what's important to you, as you may only have enough time to network one item. Please keep in mind that networking longer than 30 seconds may leave a negative impression of your business and actually repel customers instead of attract them. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Spotlight Winners

Spotlight: Any members selected for the monthly Spotlight are not eligible for the Spotlight for three years.

Door Prizes

Door Prizes: Members may bring door prizes to promote their business or organization. Drawings are held to give away the prizes. Participating in the door prize drawings is a member-only privilege. Forms may be picked up from greeters or dowloaded here.

Prize Limits: Please limit door prizes to two per business or member. Also, the prize must be totally free or a coupon for a totally free item. Discount coupons or other types of purchase incentives are not acceptable as door prizes.

Guests: Guests may purchase 50/50 tickets, but are not eligible for the door prize or spotlight drawings. Members only are eligible to drop a card in the basket for door prize and spotlight drawings.


Women's Network regularly sponsors candidates for the Leadership Rapid City program conducted each year by Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce, providing scholarships to members selected for participation. We also provide scholarships for members who are continuing their career-related education. At each meeting 50/50 tickets are sold to raise money for these scholarships. Scholarship applications can be downloaded here.


A copy of the current by-laws for Women's Network can be downloaded here.


Leadership opportunities within Women's Network are available. Elections will be held at our April luncheon, on April 11, 2018. Open positions include President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect. For more details on these positions, see the right sidebar of our February newsletter. If you are interested in having your name on the ballot, please contact Melanie Torno.