Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Member Spotlight

I really enjoy meeting people and talking about how we can help them with their online presence. When it comes to technology, if it's all Geek to you, don't worry. I can talk "real people" too! :) I love being able to help people understand what we are doing for them and why.

It has always been important to me to follow all of my passions in life. Despite whatever current project, the main driving factor has always been finding a way to use my skills and talents to improve the world in some way... or at least the lives of those immediately surrounding me in my family and community. This is why I have always worked in nonprofit organizations, and why we have dedicated our business to building what we call “Websites that Matter.”

We enjoy using our talents to help nonprofit organizations, small businesses, social entrepreneurs and other passionate individuals to share the great ways they are working to create a better, happier, healthier, and more sustainable world for us all. I'd also really love to help build a support network for other socially responsible or sustainable businesses in the Black Hills area.

In addition to running 7Gens with my husband, I work for Youth & Family Services in Rapid City. I have worked primarily in the field of drug and alcohol prevention and health education and promotion for over 15 years; however, as of March 2016 I am now teaching healthy relationship classes for the YFS Stronger Family Program. I have also started spending more of my time helping with website design, development and maintenance, and I am having a blast! That’s way more fun than doing marketing, taxes, and handling the books for the business.

I can't imagine anything else I'd rather be doing. After all, if you can turn your love into your living, and do it all while bringing more love into the world, isn't that really living?
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Members and Guests: Please note that as of May 2017, the Women's Network is now meeting at the Journey Museum for our monthly luncheons. Meals are catered by Angel's Catering.